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AFM DOD Delete Engine Rebuild Kit for 2008-2011 Chevrolet GM 5.3L Trucks SUVs

AMS Racing

  • $ 1,00000

This kit includes everything needed to rebuild & delete AFM/DOD (Active Fuel Management) from 08-11 GM 5.3L engines.  With this kit, you are able to retain VVT (Variable Valve Timing), and reuse the timing chain set. This kit will also work with non-VVT engines.

-GM brand non-AFM/DOD (w/ VVT) Camshaft
-Coated skirt flattop pistons with moly rings
-16 non-AFM/DOD lifters w/ plastic trays
-Complete gasket set w/ MLS head gaskets
-Complete head bolt set
-GM brand non-AFM/DOD valley plate
-GM brand crankshaft bolt
-Oil pump
-Main, Connecting Rod, & Camshaft Bearings

*Please note: tuning your ECM is required to turn off AFM/DOD.

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