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Zex 82218 Universal Turbo Nitrous System 25-55 HP

Zex 82218 Universal Turbo Nitrous System 25-55 HP


  • $ 63195

The ZEX™ Turbo Nitrous System is specifically designed to help spool-up engines equipped with big turbos. This kit has all of the same great features as our standard EFI wet nitrous systems but includes the addition of a fully adjustable boost switch. This innovative switch allows you to spray a small shot of nitrous to help spool-up the turbo. Then, as soon as a certain level of turbo boost is reached, the nitrous automatically shuts off.


  • Adjustable from 25-to-75 HP w/ supplied tuning jets

  • Eliminates large turbo boost lag for instant horsepower

  • Adjustable boost switch shuts off nitrous once turbo has spooled-up

  • Single-nozzle, wet nitrous system; Includes everything for a safe, proper installation

  • All major components are factory pre-assembled inside the Nitrous Management Unit

  • Detailed instructions provide for an easy, single afternoon installation

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