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Zex 82322 Hemi Challenger Nitrous System 75-125 HP

Zex 82322 Hemi Challenger Nitrous System 75-125 HP


  • $ 64999

Engineered for a simple plug-and-play installation into the 2008-current Hemi Challenger, this system includes a custom designed fuel line adapter and brackets. The ultimate in engine safety, this kit uses an advanced safety technology called Active Fuel Control™ as well as an electronic TPS switch. The system’s technology monitors the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the kit’s fuel enrichment so you get the perfect power boost when you need it without running too rich or too lean.


  • Fully adjustable from 75-125 HP w/ supplied tuning jets; Perfect for mild to wild performance

  • A complete wet nitrous system; Everything is included for a safe, proper installation

  • Works safely on stock or modified engines; Naturally aspirated, turbo or super charged

  • All major components are factory pre-assembled inside the Nitrous Management Unit; Easy, plug & play single afternoon install

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